Purple Art

[April 7 2022]

“Le Vers dans le Fruit,” by Camille Henrot at Kamel Mennour, Paris

“Les Vers est dans le Fruit,” an exhibition by Camille Henrot at Kamel Mennour, Paris.

A collection of paintings, collages and sculptures, the show invites one to imagine and interpret a world prior to life itself: an ode to the circulation of life and death, a sublimation of things that fail and perish in order to be reborn.

In addition to this exhibition, Henrot invited artist Elizabeth Jaeger and writer Estelle Hoy for a group exhibition titled “Carte Blanche,” also on view at Kamel Mennour Paris.

“Les Vers est dans le Fruit” and “Carte Blanche” are on view now until May 28th at Kamel Mennour, 47 rue du Pont de Lodi, Paris.


Photos by Antonine Scali

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