Purple Art

[October 8 2018]

Camille Henrot’s telephone sculptures at Frieze Live 2018, London

CAMILLE HENROT exhibited a series of five telephone sculptures through which a recorded voiceover interacted with the participant audience. An algorithm developed “answer” and “advices” for human existential questions following a path written in collaboration with the poet JACOB BROMBERG. The public is left in a state of frustration, highlighting the abuse of power between the users, online resources, and technology.
Bad Dad and Beyond, Enough is Enough, Dez Moroz, Guilt Tripping and Dawg Shaming have been part of the section Live at Frieze London 2018, curated by DIANA CAMPBELL BETANCOURT. Hosted by HENROT and twelve other international artists, Live explored the connection between our perception of reality and the hidden mechanisms behind it.

Text and photo Bianca De Ritis

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