Purple Art

[March 22 2016]

Martino Gamper “100 Chairs in 100 days” exhibition at RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne

100 Chairs in 100 days is a project by London- based designer Martino Gamper who came to international acclaim by collecting disused chairs and reassembling them- one per day-whilst shaping new, often surreal, design forms. A remarkable aspect of his work is the imagination that goes into de-constructing and re-constructing these items of abandoned waste, creating a new identity and giving meaning to an otherwise forgotten object. Gamper seems to refuse the objectification of his chairs by displaying them in an unusual curatorial design, an almost poetical atmosphere, where the chairs can engage within the space like people, each expressing their own personality. This ongoing experiment of creating a new chair in every city he exhibits, keeps this project in constant evolvement and joins beautifully with his theme of transforming limitations into new possibilities.

On view until April 9th, 2016, at RMIT Design Hub, Building 100, Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets, Carlton, Melbourne.

Text and photo Greta Voeller

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