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[May 26 2014]

Mark Flood interview on the release of his Supreme Limited Edition Skateboards out now

To celebrate the release of the two limited edition skateboard desks designed by American painter and musician Mark Flood for Supreme, we talk with the illusive artist through a questionnaire on this collaboration. His answers are full of sarcasm, wit and humor, much like his work. Flood joins the list of other notable artist collaborations for Supreme such as Rammellzee, KAWS, Peter Saville, Larry Clark, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Nate Lowman, Takashi Murakami, Marilyn Minter, Christopher Wool, Damien Hirst, George Condo, John Baldessari, Robert Longo, Harmony Korine, and the Chapman Brothers. The skateboards are now available to buy here. Interview Annabel Fernandes and photo Mark Flood

Annabel FernandesFor that that are unfamiliar how would you describe your work?

Mark Flood – NSFW and TLDR.

Annabel FernandesWhat has been your favorite project to work on to date?

Mark Flood – Being a whore sex-addict pothead in the eighties and nineties.

Annabel FernandesHow did the Supreme collaboration come about and why did you want to take part?

Mark Flood – Supreme asked. I have skater friends and acquaintances and they told me to do it.

Annabel FernandesHow did you decide what to put on the skateboards?

Mark Flood – I wanted something morbid and mental. My first choice was COMMIT on the top and SUICIDE on the bottom, but they wanted it on the bottom only.

Annabel FernandesWhy “Mom Died” “Dad Died” specifically?

Mark Flood – I’m interested in the relation between heavy emotions and the mask of coolness.

Annabel FernandesIs there a message you want to convey in your skateboards?

Mark Flood – Fuck the world.

Annabel FernandesDo you skate or did you used to?

Mark Flood – No.

Annabel FernandesSupreme celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year. What were you doing in 1994?

Mark Flood – I was struggling, trying to get a dealer in NYC, while living in H-Town.

Annabel FernandesAnything else you would like to add?

Mark Flood – Check out my show AVAILABLE NASDAQ SYMBOL in NYC at Zach Feuer Gallery, until June 14th, 2014.

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