Purple Art

[November 2 2023]

“Lovers Grave”, an exhibition by Tracey Emin at the White Cube, New York

This is Emin’s first solo exhibition in the New York gallery’s program, featuring a new series of paintings and works on paper. The concept of ‘Lovers Grave’ originates from images of archaeological burial sites, where human remains have been excavated and found to be clutching one another, seemingly locked in an eternal loving embrace. The notion of everlasting devotion between two people, even into the after life, fascinates Emin, who considers the quest for such depth of love to be one of the fundamental elements of life. In these works, love is buried, and yet from the sepulcher, new life forms emerge. The theme of resurrection holds particular resonance for Emin, whose recent life-threatening illness had a profound impact on her physical state and her artistic outlook. Having been, in her words, ‘brought back to life’, her renewed commitment to painting has brought with it a revitalized depth of authenticity and rigor that marks Emin out as one of the most compelling and singular artists working today.

On view from November 4th to January 13th at the White Cube, New York

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