Purple Art

[May 2 2022]

“A Journey to Death,” an exhibition by Tracey Emin at Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate

As the embodiment of the artist’s pain and horrific experience in battling bladder cancer, this exhibition is a way in which Emin is able to share her life altering experience that started during lockdown with the apparition of a ghostly figure, and that resulted in a long battle against cancer. The artworks, tinted black, white and grey, are an honest and raw insight to the artist’s journey — a coping mechanism, process of acceptance and fuel. Now, Emin plans on opening an art school in Margate in order to rebuild her relationship with her hometown and to dedicate herself to helping others to help herself forget about her pain.

“A Journey to Death” is on view now until June 19 at Carl Freedman Gallery, 28 Union Crescent, Margate

Photos by Julia Laird

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