Purple Art

[February 3 2013]

JOSE PARLA PREVIEW: Broken Language at Haunch of Venison, London

A preview of Jose Parla’s upcoming solo show at London’s Haunch of Venison. Parla works as a storyteller whose gestures and writing relate to both contemporary and historical traditions. The psychology and geography of the urban experience inform the artist’s work while legible passages guide viewers through an open-ended story. In this powerful new body of work, Parla continues to react to his travels and given environment. The works on canvas and sculptures challenge the active and passive elements of memories. While the artist intertwines his personal reflections with the communal experience of urban life each work allows viewers to apply their own meaning to the content. Broken Language opens February 7th and is on view through March 28th 2013 at Haunch of Venison, 103 New Bond Street, London. Photo and text Juliana Balestin

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