Purple Diary

[January 8 2015]

“Je suis Charlie” a note from Olivier Zahm

Yesterday the brilliant satirical French cartoonist Wolinsky was killed. Cabu — as talented — has been killed. They were the last two remaining founders of the French political and satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. In total 12 were killed, including journalists of the staff of Charlie Hebdo and the editor-in-chief Stephane Charbonnier. They were murdered in a horrible and barbaric way: at work, in the middle of the weekly editorial meeting. We will miss them forever.

These incredible free-spirited and passionate journalists are irreplaceable. But they are not dead for nothing. They became for me and for everyone at Purple, heroic figures for the free and independent press in the dark time we are living in. They were constantly frightened by terrorists and extremists, but they were never scared. Nothing could stop them from expressing their witty, funny, sometimes controversial opinions despite all kinds of intimidation. Now is the time for me as a publisher, and for everyone in the press industry, to celebrate and honor the fallen staff of Charlie Hebdo, and continue their mission by refusing to self-censor, to fight for the truth and tolerance, and to protect freedom of speech. Text Olivier Zahm

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