Purple Diary

[June 5 2015]

Jarvis Cockers “20 Golden Greats” exhibition opens on June 17 at Red Bull Space Paris

This year’s Red Bull Space Paris artist resident Jarvis Cocker presents hisexhibition “20 Golden Greats” inspired by the myth of Gold records. The former lead singer of Pulp has designed vinyl records that feature fictional songs credited to his favorite labels such as RCA and Disques Vogue. “At certain points in my career I received gold and platinum records but I always felt a little bit embarrassed, I was never quite at ease with the idea and always gave them to my mother because I certainly didn’t want them in my house. This was the challenge I faced with this exhibition: how to make the gold record something desirable, something with class and sophistication, because as far as I’m concerned, gold records, and especially those you see lined up on the walls of recording studios, are always rather ugly.” The vinyl designs are accompanied with an footage from an 80s English music TV show that shows the ecstatic audience rather than the musicians during a gig, which Cocker sees as the real measure of success. The soundtrack for “20 Golden Greats” with featured collaborations with English harpist Serafina Steer and Pilooski will be available on limited edition vinyl exclusively at the gallery during the exhibition. 20 Golden Greats runs from June 17 to August 28 at Red Bull Space Paris, 12 rue du Mail, 75002 Paris. Photo Marta Galli

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