Purple Art

[January 8 2016]

Julien Langendorff “Gutter Magik” exhibition at Red Bull Space, Paris

I love Julien Langendorff because Julien loves rock’n’roll. He’s a rock’n’roll songwriter in the truest sense. He’s an artist in love with rock’n’roll. He’s a rock’n’roll animal. He loves love and writes love songs, the signifiers flaring, flashing, flowing off paper pages of passion, romance, sex and grace. These are his notes. Julien makes music, love and worship. His tools are the guitar and amp in his heart, his heart the light on the page where the score is love. Feminine beauty is all. The artist in love with the high art of rock’n’roll, the vision of the rock’n’roll animal is in the room. This is the energy of God and passion where rock’n’roll as united duology comes. The artist in love, with love, sees love, the rock’n’roll artist animal comes to share, to save the day. For now the artist is musician is angel. This is our music.

Julien Langendorff “Gutter Magik” is on view until February 27th at Red Bull Space, Paris.

Text by Thurston Moore

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