Purple Art

[April 13 2018]

Daniel Turner solo exhibition at Galerie Allen, Paris

The work of Daniel Turner is based on the transformation and dissolution of materials in order to reach some kind of pure poetry. The artist goes deeper in the intimate area, by melting sinks coming from a psychiatric facility into two unique pieces of art.

In the center of the gallery, a minimalist bar in stainless steel takes centre stage. The work of art has frozen the history of the elements coming from the psychiatric facility, making them eternal. The other work of Daniel Turner is made specially for the gallery. Particles of the same stainless steel have been rubbed against the wall, which evokes an absent individual who left traces of his presence. The sculptures are a reflexion about the ephemeral and the perpetual side of art. Daniel Turner transposes this idea into a minimalist formalism charged by schizophrenia and mental illness.

Daniel Turner” is on view until May 19th, 2018 at Galerie Allen, 59 rue de Dunkerque, Paris.

Text and photo Eugénie Devos

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