Purple Diary

[April 11 2023]

Isabelle Huppert is starring in “Mary Said What She Said”

“Mary Said What She Said” at the Espace Cardin is a theatrical masterpiece that resurrects the shadow of the Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, through Darryl Pinckey’s captivating writing. Isabelle Huppert, the renowned French actress, brings the queen’s complex character to life once more. For centuries, Mary Stuart has captivated historians and artists, who have portrayed her as a martyr of faith, a humiliated innocent, a furious monster, or a prostitute. However, above all, she was a woman of immense power and unyielding desires, who navigated a world dominated by men. The show can be viewed at Espace Cardin Paris  from April 13th to May 14th.

Photos by Suffo Moncloa

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