Purple Diary

[March 15 2009]

Edouard Merino as Des Esseintes in Thomas Grundfeld’s salon, referring to Huysman’s famous book A rebours. In this novel, Des Esseintes, a rich man having experienced many if not all the states of lust, decides to isolate himself from the world to recreate a factitious universe in his own home. Here in this new space, he can contemplate at will and elaborate his thoughts on the arts (pictorial, literary, culinary and others) that he finds that eat away at him through hallucination. Always of great finesse, they enable him to clearly see the paths that link the different arts.

Thomas Grunfeld unites architectural furniture of the 50’s (from Michel Boyer, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Mathieu Matégot, Serge Mouille, Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé and Jean Royère) that he has always been particularly fond of, with his Feutres/Felts. If in A rebours the words transform in a festival of colors, light effects, sound effects, sonorities and textures — here they are collages of fabrics that act as relays. They are not tapestries but wrongfully ingenuous paintings that the owner of this ideal home would have created, illustrating Thomas Grunfeld’s characteristic dilemna between distrust and wish of representation.

At Jousse Enterprise, 24 rue Louise Weiss, Paris 13 from March 14 to April 18

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