Purple Diary

[July 22 2011]


It’s the scene to surreal encounters. Based on the mythical Silencio Club in David Lynch’s 2001 masterpiece, Mulholland Drive, the theatrical night haunt now comes to Paris under Lynch’s direction and design. With the details around the club’s events shrouded in suitable secrecy, Lynch has collaborated with the Social Club’s director Arnaud Frisch to stage his vision of Silencio. Across the floors, Silencio will entertain with a performance hall and mirrored dancefloor, an intimate art library and cinema with a film programming by MK2 and others. Conceiving the design of Silencio in its entirety, Lynch has joined with designer Raphel Navot, the architect collective ENIA and light designer Thierry Drufus, creating themed atmospheres for each room. Furniture design is also courtesy of Lynch with Domeau & Pérès and les Ateliers Gohard: the bespoke designs include a series entitled ‘Wire‘ and ‘Black Birds‘. Located in the heart of Paris at 142 rue Montmartre, the address has, in its time, played host to avant-garde publications such as L’Humanité de Jean Jaurès and L’Aurore, the liberal newspaper that set
by Emile Zola on its front page. The club opens in September and will be open daily from 6pm to 6am, in what hopes to be the nocturnal Lynchian escape.

Silencio, 142 rue Montmartre, Paris. Silencio is a private members-only club until midnight.

Text Sophie Pinchetti

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