Purple Diary

[July 3 2011]

PERSOL, MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS OPENS at the gallery nikki diana marquardt, paris

Curated by Michael Connor, the latest installment of the traveling exhibition Persol, Magnificent Obsessions opened last night in Paris following its New York venture. The exhibition celebrates 30 years of craftsmanship and obsessive minds in film with photographs from Frederico Fellini’s infamously eclectic open castings – calling everyone from circus freaks to giants and hookers; backstage photographs from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet sound design; graphic work from master directors such as Alfred Hitchcock; and a presentation of a view costumes designed for Sofia Copola’s Marie Antoinette.

Persol, Magnificent Obsessions is on view now at the Gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt, 10 rue de Turenne, Paris.

Photo Olivier Zahm

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