Purple Art

[October 20 2021]

An exhibition by Daniel Turner at Galerie Allen, Paris

American Artist, Daniel Turner’s process has consistently included along the years acts of transmutation, displacement, dislocation and dissolution. His new works are made all the more elusive by the fact that they belong to a standardised, industrial and ready-made universe, devoid of warmth. The burnishes on wooden panels are produced with stainless steel wool applied by hand. This wool was produced out of metallic chairs gleaned from an American psychiatric institution.  As evanescent as they are informal, the subtle chromatic traces composing blurred masses with erratic outlines betray nothing of the repurposed material’s true genealogy. A way of reinjecting meaning, all the while retaining a sense of reserve, in materials that wouldn’t be suspected of harbouring such energy.

On view now until 20 November 2021 at Galerie Allen
6 passage Sainte-Avoye, Paris 75003

Photos by Olivia Ghalioungui

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