Purple Art

[May 5 2015]

Anton Alvarez “Wrapsody” at Salon 94 Freemans, New York

Salon 94 Freemans presents “Wrapsody” the first US exhibition of Anton Alvarez. The Chilean-Swedish designer constructed The Thread-Wrapping Machine as his tool and medium. Used like a DIY sewing machine with pedal control, the wrapper joins a mix of wood, plastic, metal, fur, felt, paint and other materials into bright, exuberant furniture. Glue-coated thread holds the various parts together into a solid structure and provides the joinery. Alvarez does not use any other tools or fasteners. Thread is the artist’s construction and composition, a framework as well as shape, pattern, line, and color.

Alvarez transformed the gallery into his studio, using his machine to make new work in the space. Visitors to the gallery are invited to both experience the in flux, in-progress installation as well as contribute raw materials, like recyclables of wood, metal and plastic, that the artist can incorporate as he wishes into his designs. The exhibition celebrates process, performance and craft, as well as design objects with and without function.

Alvarez will make work in the space until May 6th, when the worksite environment will be removed, and the objects of one month of production will be on view in the gallery.

Text and photo Sasa Stucin

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