Purple Art

[June 19 2012]

ALICE NEEL’s “Late Portraits & Still Lifes” at David Zwirner, New York

David Zwirner’s current exhibition offers viewers a glimpse into the lengthy portrait career of the late artist Alice Neel. Most of the paintings in the show date from the final two decades of the artist’s life and reveal her ability to elevate conventional portraiture into a political and social statement. Inspired by the city of New York, Neel’s subjects range from students to the homeless. In this body of work, the various sitters often confront viewers with steady amusing gazes and dynamic postures adding to the psychological depth of the canvas.

Photo and text Juliana Balestin 

Late Portraits & Still Lifes is on view through June 23rd 2012 at David Zwirner, 525 West 19th Street, New York.

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