Purple Diary

[March 7 2009]

Adam McEwen’s latest show: “Switch and Bait”

Adam McEwen’s latest show: “Switch and Bait”

For his third solo exhibition with Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, Adam McEwen chose to show at an off-site location. The enormous space better allows for his large-scale installation of graphite halogen lights, which hang in rows the full length of the ceiling. The work breathes new life into these mundane objects. McEwen plays on the viewer’s sensory expectations, re-engaging the viewer’s idea of a light and wanting to control it. The result is rather startling and the pieces are quite beautiful. In a smaller adjoining room is a podium on which stands, Self-Portrait as a Credit Card, a platinum American Express card in Adam’s name, also made of graphite. Text and photo by Rachel Chandler

Switch and Bait at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, 520 west 20th street is on view from March 5 to April 18.

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