Purple Diary

[July 31 2015]

A Summer Party To Remember

Summer pool parties are all the rage here in L.A. from Beverly Hills all the way up to Malibu. If you are not invited, no biggie as you will see it all on the Internet within seconds. “We are having a wonderful time and you are NOT here,” will be the message.

Back in the day, during the seventies, 1977 to be exact, I went to two or three pool parties every weekend. One warm summer day, my friend John Rockwell invited me to a party at this amazing mansion on Benidict Canyon in Beverly Hills. The mansion sat right directly behind The Beverly Hills Hotel.

There were all these people there who looked like there were somebodies. You never knew what anybody did back in those days, they just sort of had that “look” to them. Lavish food, drinks and these little balloons in the swimming pool. I remember thinking how classy it was with the little balloons in the pool. Burt and Eddie the party crashers were there too, so I knew it was the best party in town.

The apex was when suddenly this stunningly cute girl pulled off her clothes and danced around the pool showing everyone her perfects breasts. It was a sacred moment and it had to be captured. So there I was, this teenage kid with a camera and I made 13 photos before I ran out of film.

Today, nothing is scared and when I see all this content on the Internet with all of the iPhone photos from all the vulgar swimming pool parties that I missed, I can fondly reminisce on my youth, a dancing girl, the villa and the crashers Eddie and Burt. Enjoy your summer.

Text and photo Brad Elterman

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