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[December 6 2013] : art

Vanessa Beecroft Miami Art Basel Performance

Vanessa Beecroft Miami Art Basel Performance by lebaronfamilyfriends

Le Baron and friends are giving us a taste of Miami Art Basel’s best moments so far. Here we see the run up to Vanessa Beecroft’s latest performance VB72 at Mana Wynwood, a sprawling production village in the Miami Art District. Beecroft presented the new piece as part of the Flaunt Magazine “Affordable Care” group show. The theme of the “Affordable Care” show is the discrepancy between those two ideas and how they might interact or contradict—one example might be the inaccessibility of healthcare through a malfunctioning website.

Other artists in the “Affordable Care” show include Ben Jones, Melanie Pullen, David LaChapelle, Rob Montgomery, Petra Cortright, Vance Lorenzini, Yung Jake, and Jeanette Hayes. A special pavilion presented by Opus Reps will hold work from Mary Ellen Mark, Bert Stern, Hunter and Gatti, and Paul Solomons.

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