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[June 13 2013] : fashion

The Sell Out

The Sell Out by Bruno Ilogti

Freely insipired by Bob Fosse’s “Sweet Charity”, “The Sell Out” explores the dark nature of the being and the duality of things itself. In a literal way, the term “Selling-Out” means compromising the integrity, morality and principles for the exchange of personal gains such as money, success or desire – which can be applied on different levels of society- science, politics and religion . On “The Sell Out”, the era of prohibition became the escape of reality to a dreamy Dionysiac world that envolves doubts, insecurity, luxury and an urge of being loved. Made in collaboration with FORD Models and TRUMP Models “The Sell Out” stars Anais Pouliot and Joseph Dolce along with Ataui Deng, Kate Kondas and Clara Settje.

Starring Anais Pouliot and Joseph Dolce

Co-starring Ataui Deng, Kate Kondas, and Clara Setttje

Director: Bruno Ilogti

Written by Bruno Ilogti

Director of photography: Andrew Nisinson

Producer: Isabel Imbassahy and Louisa Mardirossian

Stylist: Aline Pimentel

Hair: Hugo Ferrozzi

Beauty: Samantha Lau

Creative director: Aline Pimentel


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