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[November 19 2014] : music

That Work / Like a Dream

That Work / Like a Dream by Harry McNally

That Work is an enigmatic pop project from New York City. Its core members consist of Harry McNally and Kosuke Kasza, who began writing and recording material together in 2012. Their new single “Like A Dream” finds the duo in dance floor territory, accompanied by a series of cheerleader chants, thick vocoder lines, and allusions to late nights. That Work currently holds a bimonthly residency at Le Bain at The Standard in New York City, where they have been DJing alongside veterans like Justin Strauss and Gavin Russom.

Special thanks to: Andrew D., Arnaud J.B., Azel, Aziza D., Bobby W., “Boys from Monroe Street”, Carlyle Hotel, Carissa N., Chase Bank, Chris M., Dawn W., New York Department of Sanitation, Georgia W., Gian S., Gillian B., Greg P., Josh S., Justin C., Kam P., Katsu, Krista D., Latrechia P., Louie G., Marc Jacobs, Mark Messier, Michelle S., Mike J., Mordechai R., Metropolitan Transit Authority, Musa A., Naomi S., New York Times, Nick P., NY1, New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, Nikola Tesla, Rambo, Remo, Rick Charls, Robin Byrd, Sakura B., Sandy Kane, Scott W., Sebo B.M., Sita Y., Supreme, Tom M., Usain Bolt, United States Postal Service, Vivian S., and Zach F.

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