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[April 16 2018] : travel

Purple presents “Goodbye Horses” a short film

Purple presents “Goodbye Horses” a short film by Niels Schack & Rémy Barreyat

Purple is delighted to present the latest collaborative project by Niels Schack and Rémy Barreyat : “Goodbye Horses”. The short film, starring Sparrow Knox, Niels Schack, Toni Kerkelä, Emma Nicolas, and 
Jean Louis Chabry, was shot between Kyrgyzstan, Paris, and Vaussegrois. 
This adventure takes place between the Himalayas and the mind of an old man and his daughter, where abstract meets snowboarding. “Goodbye Horses” is a story about youth, escape, and the difficulties of growing older.

Camera operator, Director of photography, and Cinematography: Rémy Barreyat
Executive producer: Niels Schack
Screenplay: Niels Schack, Rémy Barreyat
Sound editor:  Rémy Barreyat
Editing: Rémy Barreyat, Niels Schack
Voice over: Juliette Schack
Original music: Pj Chapuis, Samedi pluvieux
Intro title design: Inès Manai
Supported by Burton Snowboards

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