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[June 4 2018] : love

Purple premieres “BOOMERANG”

Purple premieres “BOOMERANG” by Matthew Frost

Purple presents “BOOMERANG”, director Matthew Frost‘s latest short in his star-studded series of films. This satire (starring Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis) follows Jennifer, an average nurse who scorns the superficial world of social media and finally decides to quit. But is it that easy to let go of something that’s now so deeply embedded in our lives? Jennifer finds out that maybe the world she wanted out of is one she really wants in.

“I’m obsessed with Instagram – I’m not on it but I look at it on my web browser like a true idiot. I feel like few things make us hate each other and ourselves as efficiently as social media.”
Mackenzie Davis

Writer & Director: Matthew Frost
Producer: Iconoclast
Cinematographer: Alexis Zabe
Editor: Ethan Mitchell

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