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[December 2 2016] : music

Dedicated To Ladder 108

Dedicated To Ladder 108 by Calvin LeCompte

Calvin LeCompte drops a clip for his debut single “Dedicated To Ladder 108” from his latest EP “ZAGAT Rated released via Winston Taylor Records. Created with a bit of help from Cait McDonough, LeCompte decided to bring his songbook of raw, spontaneous tunes alive. The effect is simple and nostalgic, so is the VHS video featuring aviators, urban landscapes from above and LeCompte‘s guitar session in slow motion. Sharing his time between Western Massachusetts and New York City, one can spot LeCompte performing alongside folk celebrities Ed Askew & Gary Higgins or most recently with OSR Tapes‘ Andrea Schiavelli.

“ZAGAT Rated” is now available for download here.


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