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[May 19 2017] : music

Collapsing Scenery “Straight World Problems” directed by

Collapsing Scenery “Straight World Problems” directed by by Richard Kern

Purple TV presents the latest music video directed by photographer & director Richard Kern for the NYC/LA duo Collapsing Scenery composed of Don De Vore and Reggie Debris.

“This song is about the awful frequency with which new regimes and new systems mimic the worst qualities of those they replace. It’s painful for anyone fundamentally anti-establishment and instinctively critical of structural power to run up against the rocks of the reality of building new systems or, even worse, attempting to exist outside them altogether. It’s an anti-utopian song, in that sense, but I hope not a cynical one. I’m a huge believer in managing expectations, especially when it comes to politics. Dreaming of an unattainable, ideal future only leads to misery and disengagement when that future fails to materialize. That disappointment opens the field for other, usually opposing utopians to ply their vision; and as that cycle continues, it more often that not leads to escalating violence.” — From singer Reggie Debris

Collapsing Scenery is will be releasing the new single on May 18th digitally and on 12″ Vinyl and it will come with remixes by Oliver, Tom Of England, Chris Holmes, Certain Creatures, and Henri.

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