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[August 23 2013] : art

André Saraiva / Dream Concerts / Artist’s Studio

André Saraiva / Dream Concerts / Artist’s Studio by MOCAtv

In Paris, New York, London, and Los Angeles, show posters for dream concerts with all-star lineups have been tempting passersby and drivers to attend Madison Square Garden or the Bowery Ballroom, L’Elysee Montmartre or the Wiltern. Double-take on these worn posters and you’re not even sure if they’re coming up or something missed and legendary from long ago, but posted in public space, the anticipation is real. Upon closer inspection, we see that these epic concert announcements are actually paintings of lineups that only exist in the imagination of French graffiti artist Andre Saraiva. In this video, Saraiva takes MOCAtv to his studio at the Chateau Marmont, where he screenprints his playbills before pasting them on city streets. Andre Saraiva: Dream Concerts is in the Broad Lobby of MOCA Grand Avenue through October 7, 2013.

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