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[December 3 2013] : art

A Crack Up at the Race Riots trailer

A Crack Up at the Race Riots trailer by Leo Gabin

Leo Gabin has adapted cult director/artist Harmony Korine’s weird and wonderful 1998 novel, A Crack-up At The Race Riots, into film. Composed entirely from appropriated, user generated found footage, there is no place for plot, linear narrative, character development, or scene setting. Leo Gabin’s video work is a nearly 40 minute long story made up of compelling, disparate images, uploaded online by unknown amateurs. A Crackup At The Race Riots has a hallucinatory quality, some images are blurred to the point of becoming abstracted, yet remain familiar. The sound is haunting. Tuned to the absurd, to the hypocrisy and hilarity that comprise our obsessions with death, dirt, poverty, celebrity, religion, and gossip, capturing the fragmented moments of a life observed through the demented lens of media, TV, and teen obsession. A Crack-up At The Race Riots is on view at Peres Projects Berlin until January 4th 2014.

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