Purple Magazine
— The Revolutions Issue #40 F/W 2023

caroline polachek in givenchy F/W 2023-24


Givenchy F/W 2023-24

with Caroline Polachek

photography by Kira Bunse


American singer, songwriter, producer, and film director Caroline Polachek pushes the boundaries  in contemporary music through her bold fashion and artistic ambition. Inspired by anime and traditional  Japanese music, ’90s pop, and field recordings, her raspy,  folk-pop songs blend the abstract and the mainstream. Deeply entrenched in the NY music and fashion community, her music is a testament to female empowerment.


Naomi Itkes, style

Ryo Narushima at Saint Luke, hair

Sunao Takahashi at Saint Luke, make-up

Sasha Goddard at Saint Luke, manicure

Yasmina Kurunis, set design

Eleonora Gustapane and Ariel Mihály, photographer’s assistants

zoé Minard-Liévain, stylist’s assistant

[Table of contents]

The Revolutions Issue #40 F/W 2023

Table of contents

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