Purple Magazine
— The Revolutions Issue #40 F/W 2023

melvil poupaud in dior men f/w 2023-24


Dior Men F/W 2023-24

photography by Ola Rindal

with Melvil Poupaud


The  Waste Land  (1922) by  T.S.  Eliot  is  a  modernist poem  with  a  fragmented  narrative that  depicts a  world  experiencing a  crisis  of  values,  faith,  and identity. “For me,  I  read  it  as  about renewal  and  change,  times    changing,”  said  Dior  men’s  artistic  director  Kim  Jones.


Anastasia Barbieri, style

Alexandry Costa at Artlist, hair

Karin Westerlund at Artlist, make-up

Eric Sakai, photographer’s assistant

Bianca Diocesano, stylist’s assistant

[Table of contents]

The Revolutions Issue #40 F/W 2023

Table of contents

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