Purple Art

[January 27 2015]

Z Behl “Joker’s Solitaire” at Kai Matsumiya, New York

“Joker’s Solitaire” by Z Behl, presents 52 fully-exposed nude men and 2 cards of herself as the joker in an oversized set of playing cards.

The cards are comprised of photographs printed on three types of tissue and mounted on wooden boards with a handmade silkscreen pattern on reverse. The front side of the works show men who range across all age groups, ethnicities, sexual orientations and occupational backgrounds, willingly and enthusiastically posing to be documented. 

The back side of the works depict a pattern that references standard card back motifs with a prominent “female eye” at the center. 

Another room introduces a film component of Joker’s Solitaire. The artist, dressed as the joker, plays solitaire, a one person game, carrying and placing the oversized cards on a green felt floor. 

Finally, the back room encourages guests to play with standard size playing card versions of the artworks on a card table. “Joker’s Solitaire” runs until March 8th at Kai Matsumiya, 153 1/2 Stanton Street, New York. Photo Elise Gallant

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