Purple Art

[November 17 2014]

“The Fool” by Raul de Nieves and Colin Self at Issue Project Room, New York

“The Fool” by Raul de Nieves and Colin Self presents a popular archetype through opera and stunning set design. Instead of portraying an ignorant subject, the characters in “The Fool” are painfully aware of their psychological journey. Two bedazzled gates separate a mother and child, played by Mehron Abdollmohammadi and Alexandra Drewchinfrom a ghost-like chorus, a symbolic divider between the real and imaginary. The protagonists are abducted into this space by the dog depicted nipping the heels of the Fool in the tarot card. They reemerge through the liminal world of dreams into a bed where they must confront their demons face to face, unmasking their skepticism, loneliness and hysteria. Throughout the play classical structures are augmented with modern twists, masterfully blending new with old. “The Fool” is patient, somber, and deeply emotional, marked by sensitive vocal performances and a beautifully dynamic score. It brings to life a hidden psychological journey to accept the ugly or unfair aspects of our lives, transcending fear into peace. Text and Photo Elise Gallant

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