Purple Art

[November 7 2021]

“The Purple Line,” an exhibition by Thomas Hirschhorn at MAXXI, Rome

“The world needs to be de-pixelated,” says Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn, the creator of a cycle of works called the Pixel-Collage that run along a Purple wall, giving the exhibition it’s name.

Hirschhorn is looking for a state of sensitivity, given by a gaze that remains vigilant and aware of what is around it, without denying it. On the other hand, Hypersensitivity often leads to censorship that is paradoxically linked to self-protection and exclusion of the other. These works, created by recombining advertising photos alongside pictures of mutilated bodies, often create embarrassment in the viewer, making us reflect on a concept the artist has often expressed: the spread of hypersensitivity in the contemporary world.

On view now until 6 March 2022 at MAXXI

Via Guido Reni, 4a, 00196 Roma, Italy

Photos by Giorgio Benni

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