Purple Art

[February 19 2022]

“Double Entendre,” by Auguste Wibo X VARON at Naked Eye Studio, Los Angeles

Los Angeles based conceptual artist, Auguste Wibo collaborates with intersex jewellery designer, Aaron Changpo of VARON to produce six phallocentric mounted canvases adorned with custom piercings. The collaboration is an homage to the staple palettes and textures of LGBTQ+ fetish iconography. In “Double Entendre,” rings and barbells bejewel the scrotum, shaft and head. Wibo’s process of casting the real-life owners of his phalluses was available to be soon on OnlyFans by scanning a QR code below each work at his show. This reflects Wibo’s fascination with the constant tension between intimacy and anonymity, finding local subjects on Grindr, at queer haunts and in everyday life. The result stretches the canvas and the mind, designed to entice the wandering eye, interrogate knee-jerk reactions and ultimately awaken, or arouse.

Photos by Maya Fuhr

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