Purple Diary

[July 19 2011]

Sol Lewitt’s installation retrospective across Lower Manhattan, new york

The Public Art Fund presents the first large scale outdoor survey of
Sol LeWitt’s structures dating from 1965 to 2006. The late LeWitt was
one of the great contributors to the Minimalist and Conceptual art
scene. His work reconsiders the approach to art construction,
perspectives, and viewing. For this outdoor retrospective, visitors to
New York’s City Hall Park can view the evolution of LeWitt’s practice
starting with early geometric shapes which gradually deconstruct and
eventually move into organic forms through the years. It is especially
refreshing to see the later works of LeWitt in which the artist shows
a keen interest in new color and patterns. Photo and Text Juliana Balestin

Sol Lewitt’s installations are on view through December 2, set across the City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan by
Broadway, Chambers and Centre Street.

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