Purple Diary

[May 5 2017]

See Weekend #9 Michael Portnoy: “Progressive Touch—Total Body Language Reprogramming” on May 5-7 at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

A choreopubopoetic method developed by Michael Portnoy over the past three years, Progressive Touch fuses elements of Erickson Confusion Technique, Weilgart’s aUI, Toning, Eurythmy, Uzazu, Forsythe Technique and Konnakol with the unpredictable rhythmic structures of Prog Rock. Progressive Touch executes a full limbic reboot of the subject’s core ethics centers via their pubic bone. In this series of private, 45 minute sessions, Portnoy and actress/mime Lily McMenamy direct the method towards the corrupted source code of the white male.

The event Weekend #9: Michael Portnoy is taking place at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

Please write an email to reservation@kw-berlin.de.

Photo Suzie and Leo

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