Purple Art

[February 10 2022]

“SALON,” a group exhibition at RADIUS House, Los Angeles

Encountering a multi-sensory experience and home can be transitory and open imagination to the senses.

Italian curator Noemi Polo and her Los Angeles creative studio Amor Corp approached the curatorial vision of SALON as such, bridging a fashionable assemblage of notables (such as literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person. Polo’s progressive premise presents an amalgamation of international artists, designers, and brands, familiar and unfamiliar, cohabiting in a temporary conceptual exhibition experience at a newly completed architectural project called Radius House in Venice, California. Radius House is the first built-from-the-ground-up residential project by the Los Angeles-based architecture design studio, PENTAGON.

The facade, with clean lines and rounded corners, exudes accented forms and material that express sculpture creating a hallmark location to intervene with its neighborhood and urban landscape. Inside the home is a two-story multi-room residential compound where daylight permeates from select surfaces from custom ceiling skylights to distinctly positioned picture windows. The Venetian walls span throughout interior rooms, long hallways, communing spaces, and upstairs to the rooftop. Ground-level access takes one to the garage and outdoor spaces.

The participating collaborators converge in casual articulation upon every crevice, nook, and surface, opening up one’s chance for encounters and imagination to see the future potential.

Over 50 participants include 1000 Incorporated, Ai Studios, Aldo Chaparro, Alina Perkins, Angela Dimayuga, Anonymous Artist, Apartment1007, Arcana: Books On The Arts, Babytrus, Bianca Tanchay, Bodhi Barnett, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Catherine O‘Connor Mulligan, Cody Critcheloe, Crying Clover Candles, Darren Bader, Dese Escobar, Drex, Dylan Derose, Earth Landing Project, Emmanuel Beguinot, Fi Isidore, Gaetano Pesce, Greg Ross, Hooz, Hopper1000, Jacopo Mazzetti, Jan Gatewood, Johannes Girardoni, Johnny Le, Jonas Wendelin, Jordan Wolfson, Julia Thompson, Kari Cholnoky, Kevin Mcgarry / Roleplay La, Luke Haeger, Magniberg, Mowalola, Nicholas Campbell, Noah Dillon, Noon Tran, Pandora Graessl, Paolo Angelucci, Plant Intelligence Agency, Praying, Proforce Sport, Rich Aybar – R A Workshop, Sam Hemmenway, Sam Shoemaker, Sofia Elias, Stefan White, Taylor Durie, and The Window.

Notable encounters of artwork are Carolyn Bessette and JFK JR. archival inkjet print from the Untitled 2020 series by American artist Jordan Wolfson; an ikebana installation by florist artist Taylor Durie; custom made dolls by Babytrus; a LED lighting installation by Jacopo Mazzetti; a blu and rossa resin tower by Italian master Gaetano Pesce; a photography installation of Ambivalent Traces displayed alongside a custom wood Jair by Johnny Le; a new series of fried photography prints by queer socialite and artist Dese Escobar; and a presentation of the HPL laminate and lacquered wood side-table by Lagos/London based Mowalola.

On view now until February 14th 2022 at Radius House, 640 Millwood in Venice, CA

Text by Johnny Le

Photos by Johnny Le and Ed Mumford

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