Purple Art

[April 14 2014]

Robert Longo at Petzel Gallery and Metro Pictures, New York

Artist Robert Longo presents two bodies of work at New York galleries Metro Pictures and Petzel. At Metro Pictures, Longo uses Abstract Expressionist painting as a source for his drawings. The appropriation of significant historical works by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko in the format of charcoal renderings functions as a statement on the artist’s ability to “paint” outside the tradition. Longo subverts painting and continues his longstanding practice in the charcoal medium. At nearby Petzel Gallery, the artist moves from the symbols of art history to the symbols of United States history. A massive black American Flag sculpture appears to fall into the ground of the gallery. Alongside an imposing seven panel drawing of the Capitol building, these works present bold statements of both strength and discord. On view through May 23rd 2014 at Metro Pictures, 519 West 24th Street and Friedrich Petzel, 456 West 18th Street, New York. Text Juliana Balestin and photo Elisa Gallant

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