Purple Diary

[March 31 2016]

Rest in Peace Zaha Hadid (1960-2016)

Architect Dame Zaha Hadid has died aged 65. Hadid was known for pushing gravity-based, ornament-free modernism, and the decorative surfaces of postmodernism, through the vanishing point into the disruptive warping of cyberspace. “I’m obsessed with the ideas of gravity and non-gravity. The whole idea of fragmentation, the lines, has to do with abstraction and non-gravitational forces. That led me to thinking about how I could achieve buildings that were seemingly light. Therefore, the way they “land” is important,” explains Hadid in an interview with Olivier Zahm for Chanel Mobile Art issue 2. “I try to achieve lightness in architecture, so that it seems as if structures are suspended above ground. This has been an obsession of mine for a long time.”

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