Purple Art

[March 31 2017]

Rene Ricard “So, Who Left Who” exhibition at Half Gallery, New York

ANDY SPADE — My favorite piece of yours is the one that reads, “Blowjobs 5¢ With lipstick 25¢.”

RENE RICARD — I found that in 1976, on a mirror in a drag club called the Pink Elephant in Venice, California. Misty Dawn was the headliner. It was the law in California that drag queens had to be announced with “Mister” before their name, so it was Mister Misty Dawn. Another graffito in the toilet read, “I’m young and I’m beautiful and I will fuck you over just like everybody else.” That blowjob poem is the favorite of everyone, but especially of very proper ladies.

A short extract from our interview with Rene Ricard from Purple Fashion magazine F/W 2009 issue 12. Read here in full!

“So, Who Left Who” is on view until April 26th at Half Gallery, 43 East 78th Street, New York.

Photo Bill Powers

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