Purple Fashion

[July 2 2012]

Raf Simons’ debut at Dior for Couture 2012-13, Paris

“Mr Dior was a supreme architect of pattern. He could construct something so perfect and yet he would often throw in a gesture on purpose to break the perfection. He would make what he did human for the wearer. You could tell he loved women in that way, in that incredible gestural way.

Couture is not only about working on the shape, the attitude, and the color in a new way. The Haute Couture collection is also about working on new forms with the industry that is related to Couture as a whole, working with them in a new way. It is an established industry with craftspeople that are beyond compare, but it is not just about reaching for a typical satin duchesse, a silk or tulle but the development of new fabrics and new forms with them.”Raf Simons

Photo Annabel Fernandes

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