Purple Art

[January 16 2024]

“Painting,” an exhibition by Tom Sachs at Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Marais

Tom Sachs reimagines Picasso’s ‘War Years’ art, intertwining it with references to rival Marcel Duchamp and fictional character Lisa Simpson. Using his distinctive language, Sachs challenges traditional art, exploring parallels with graffiti influences. The juxtaposition of stills devoid of memento mori and playful childhood scenes in Picasso’s works inspires Sachs. His reimagination of Duchamp’s Rotorelief, 10 times its original size, challenges traditional concepts, emphasising the excess of consumerism. Lastly, by introducing Lisa Simpson, a fictional-female rival, Sachs offers a humorous alternative, completing his ultimate Duchampian gesture and granting the exhibition its brillant unicity.

On view at Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Marais from January 17th to February 24th.

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