Purple Institute

[May 10 2009]

Oz, It’s a mannequin in an old unused store downtown with the reflection of the city in the background. The only alteration I made was in the switch to black and white. I never really alter my images, only with contrast or perhaps making them black and white. I live in what we shall call the armpit of America. It is the city I live in: Huntington, West Virginia. A place full of incredible talent and absolutely no outlet for it. Actually Oz I have never set foot out of the US and it is getting a bit debilitating. My girlfriend is currently in Milan so I’m thinking of jumping ship though she will be here in July. I cannot even get Purple Mag here but got a subscription. As I said to be able to contribute is something very exciting and inspiring to me. I appreciate it more than I can say. Much Love. Photo Christopher Lusher

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