Purple Diary

[June 27 2011]

My Paris Movie by Jonas Mekas premieres at the Jeu de Paume, paris

The filmmaker, writer, and curator Jonas Mekas showing his love for Paris at the screening of his new film My Paris Movie (2011). The film came as an exclusive commission from curator Danièle Hibon to commemorate the Jeu de Paume‘s 20 years of Cinema. Mekas descibes the film as a “love letter to Paris…a celebration of the city. I had over twenty hours of footage, I’ve kept two hours and half…This movie is also my tribute to the memory of the Paris
of Gertrude Stein and Hemingway. And a tribute to all the poets and
philosophers of Paris who made me fall in love with this city.
Everything you see in the film is real. The moments where we’re sitting in cafes, all the bars… Everything is real because the camera can only capture what is real. It goes the same way for nostalgia. Some of us live in alternate realities, but these realities are also captured and real. What a bore if we were to all live in the same reality!

Photo Annabel Fernandes

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