Purple Diary

[May 23 2011]


Presented at the contemporary Asian art Gallery Lipao Huang, Yin & Yang / Yin is the artistic communion between cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky and French artist and scenographer Pascale Montandon. Having exhibited together at Paris’ Gallery Foret Verte and in London’s Horse Hospital, the collaboration sees a series of works, each created by four hands: first, drawn by Jodorowsky and then infused with colour by Montandon. The works levitate between psychomagic fantasy, tragedy, humor and spirituality – all of which recall the essence of mysticism and symbolic theatrics in Jodorowsky’s films. Montandon’s own works are also presented in the next room; her works on paper evoking the metaphysical through purity of construction and colour in natural hues of warmth and cool. Throughout the main room, Jodorowsky – Montandon’s works stage surreal scenes of a story of unity, fluctuation and balance between the Yin and the Yang, universal interconnected poles of existence. From L’Amour plus Fort que la Mort to La Sagesse des Langues, the phenomena is manifested – as male and female, body and soul, nature and human, violence and peace, and so forth. Montandon and Jodorowsky’s symbiosis creates a sense of these forces, visually expressing their sense of cosmic unity and philosophy with emotion.

Yin & Yang / Yin by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Pascale Montandon is extended and runnng its final week until 28 May at Gallery Lipao Huang, 16 rue Dauphine, Paris. Photo and text Sophie Pinchetti

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