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[June 28 2016]

Michel Houllebecq “Rester Vivant” exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

The French essayist, poet, novelist and director Michel Houellebecq presents “Rester Vivant” at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. For this exhibition, Houellebecq shares his most personal works, behind literature and photography and reality and fiction. To give us an access in his universe he mixes all mediums to create equality, such mediums include photographs, sculptures, paintings, videos, installations and even music, in collaboration with several guests such as Robert Combas, Raphaël Sohier, Renaud Marchand, and Maurice Renoma.
“Rester Vivant” represents an access to Houellebecq’s universe and an insight into moments of his life, his obsessions, his memories, and his outlook on the world. But to such a point that he even shares with us his habits and invites us to take a break and a smoke in his Smoking Room, decorated with black marble’s furniture, klein blue carpet and a juikebox in which we can listen to his featuring with Jean-Louis Aubert.
Otherwise, as his friend the french photographer Raymond Depardon, Houellebecq like to travel and meet new areas which can explain the diversity and the number of landscape photographs present in the exhibition.

On view until September 11th, 2016 at Palais de Tokyo, 13 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris.

Text and photo Inès Manai

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