Purple Art

[March 18 2014]

Michael Heizer “Double Negative” on the Eastern Edge of the Mormon Mesa, Nevada

Double Negative, 1969, is Michael Heizer’s massive Land Art intervention located on the Eastern Edge of the Mormon Mesa, Nevada. While it takes hundreds of millions of years for natural erosion to create the adjacent canyons, it took a couple for Heizer to remove 240,000 tons of rocks, right in the middle of nowhere. The adventure of finding the piece itself is worth the visit and makes you wonder: “What’s the point?” The question needs to stay open, it is the essence of Vanity in its classical meaning. People have built monumental bridges, dams and tunnels for a reason, Michael Heizer makes a giant hole in the middle of nowhere or a giant sculptural city for nobody and it reminds us that Art does not need any reasons. Double Negative belongs to the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Photo Alexis Dahan

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