Purple Diary

[May 24 2009]


“She is scary and i like her for that. She is a tiny fragile woman. She is gigantic and intimidating, she has many bodies but always the same face under the name of Manon. Manon is cloned as Manon, Manon is chained as Lola Montez, Manon is incognito dressed like a gigolo. She doesn’t sleep for 36 nights in front of a gray wall, where she creates her esthetic of disappearance. Manon’s blood pumps in black and white and in color. Manon is timeless, ageless and genderless. Manon consists of skin and bones. Manon is a person.” Text Rita Ackermann

Rita Ackermann and Emma Reeves invite you to a cocktail party at the Swiss Institute to celebrate the work of the artist Manon on Wednesday, May 27th, 495 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York.

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