Purple Sex

[May 2 2017]

Lunar Woman: 1960’s space-age inspired portraits by Madison Krieger

“Lunar Woman: 1960’s space-age inspired portraits depicting a team of 11 female astronauts through their journey to the moon. The series is photographed with black & white 35mm and 4×5 large format film and printed on Rives BFK paper, with a print making process called Xerox transfer, made popular by artist Robert Rauschenberg during the mid century. He began experimenting with newspaper clippings and collage work when he realized that when you soak a Xerox image in solvent and apply four-hundred pounds of even pressure through a printing press, the toner releases its bonds and marries a new surface. When peeling off the Xerox paper and unveiling the printed photograph, we see a sharp grain and rich tonality.  This printmaking process was the obvious method of printing for Lunar Woman. I needed the process to capture the essence and authenticity of 1960s imagery. The project began with my love for space and midcentury women. My intentions were to bind the two to create a titillating pictorial that eludes femininity and futuristic sex appeal” — Madison Krieger

Photo Madison Krieger
Styling Monica Murillo
Hair Melody MorEsther VasquezJordynn Maureen
Makeup Cynthia BautistaLucy Blue Night, Rachel Ehrlich



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